Standards for Irons

Electric irons are used in most households and commercially.  Electrical safety standards apply to these products however these appliances must also be used with care to avoid burns or other injuries.  Children should also be closely supervised around electric irons.  Even if an iron is cool, a young child could easily pull on the cord and be hit by the heavy appliance.  Note that additional standards to those listed below apply to flexible supply cords and plugs.

Standards for IT Equipment

Electrical safety, installation and electromagnetic compatibility standards apply to different types of mains and battery-operated information technology equipment. These standards also apply to telecommunications equipment connected to networks, cable distribution systems and communication transmission mediums. Note that additional standards to those listed below apply to flexible supply cords and plugs associated with this equipment.

Standards for Indoor Lighting

The standards summarised below for indoor lighting products supplied in Australia should be considered along with general requirements for lighting products. There are also standards that apply to flexible cords, plugs, outlet devices, appliance connectors and transformers used with lighting products.

Standards for Heating Appliances

Electrical safety standards cover heating appliances sold in Australia including electric blankets, heating pads, room heaters, water heaters (storage, solar, instantaneous and heat exchange heaters), immersion heaters (fixed, aquarium and portable immersion heaters), duct heaters and therapeutic lamps.

Standards for Electric Toys

Safety standards for electric toys help to prevent children from suffering severe injuries or even death. Adults should however always supervise children around electrical equipment. The standards listed below should be read in conjunction with general requirements in the standards for Children’s Products.  Note that electrical safety requirements are not covered by the AS/NZS 8124 series of toy standards.

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