Standards for Trampolines

Hundreds of children are injured each year while using trampolines and there have also been deaths in Australia and overseas.  There are a number of manufacturing and design standards however children should always be supervised by adults when using trampolines or other playground equipment.

Standards for Sun Protective Clothing

Sun protective clothing is usually designed and marketed for children to protect their skin from solar radiation.

Standards for Public Swimming Pools

There are a range of standards relating to requirements for public swimming pools.

Standards for Private Swimming Pools

There are a range of standards and regulation relating to the construction and maintenance of private swimming pools.

Standards for prams and strollers

Children can easily be injured if their pram or stroller is unsafe. There have been recent incidents in Australia of prams rolling off railway platforms and down embankments to rivers. Inhalation or ingestion hazards for children are also associated with components that can be removed from prams or strollers.

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