Standards for Playground Equipment

Playground equipment that has not been designed, installed, maintained and operated correctly can present considerable risks to children.

Standards for Jumping Castles

Jumping castles are popular entertainment for children at parties and public events. There are strict requirements to protect the safety of children and some of the most relevant standards are summarised below.

Standards for Flotation Aids

Each year families are devastated by deaths and severe injuries resulting from children drowning. While flotation aids are useful for familiarising children with water and teaching them to swim, strict manufacturing standards and regulation must apply to ensure the safety of these devices.

Standards for Dummies

Choking, inhalation and toxicity hazards can be associated with babies’ dummies and the consequences may be fatal.

Standards for Children’s Toys

Small children are unable to read operating instructions and older children are often much too busy to pay attention to safety information.  Adults may not always be present when children are playing with their toys and there have been tragic consequences. To protect children from harm, comprehensive Australian and overseas standards have been developed.

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