Standards for Children’s Nightwear

Standards and regulation in this area have been developed to reduce the fire hazard of children’s nightwear and limited daywear.  Categories of clothing are classified according to fire risk and must be labelled to indicate the level of risk.

Standards for Children’s Furniture

Children can easily be harmed by hazards associated with furniture, such as protrusions, sharp or pointed edges, head or finger entrapment risks and toxicity. Manufacturers, importers, suppliers, purchasers and users of nursery furniture need to protect children by being aware of any potential hazards. Standards provide important Information on how to identify and measure hazards.

Standards for Child Restraints

These standards and associated regulation aim to improve the safety of children travelling in vehicles. The new laws specify what type of restraint is to be used at different ages and where children must be seated in a vehicle. This will reduce the risk of injury caused by restraints that are unsuitable for a child's size. The new requirements have the flexibility to take into account a child’s height and weight as well as their age level.

Standards for Bicycles

Bicycles are very popular and help children to be active and fit.  There are a number of standards and regulations on bicycle design, manufacturing and safety.

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