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StanCert facilitates new anti-graffiti standard

StanCert facilitates new anti-graffiti standard

Graffiti is a major concern to the community, it pervades our everyday life particularly as you catch the train to work or take your children to the local park.

Graffiti costs local councils $260 million per year.  It also costs NSW tax payers $100 million and private enterprise even more.  The social costs of graffiti are more dramatic with some researchers warning that graffiti causes anxiety and fear in society because it signals a lack of crime control by the authorities.  In some cases it is believed that graffiti actually leads to a higher incidence of crime.

There has been many good efforts made at all levels of government and by private industry to address graffiti, however this work to some degree occurs in silos and can be transitory in nature.

A group of concerned political leaders, government officials, individuals and organisations are now joining forces to initiate the development an Australian Anti-Graffiti Standard with a view of consolidating the good work that has been done to fight graffiti.   The standard will be developed through Australia’s National Standards Body, Standards Australia (www.standards.org.au).  The initiative is being project managed by one of Australia’s leading standards facilitation organisations, StanCert (www.stancert.com).

An Australian Standard will take a consistent and national approach to address two key aspects of graffiti:

1.       Strategies for prevention such as planning, engineering controls on aerosol cans valves, sacrificial surfaces etc.

2.       Techniques for the rapid removal of graffiti.

A background document is available for those who want more information on this initiative.  For more information contact StanCert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.