Good product safety is no accident

Managing product safety risk has always been important, but now, with the introduction of the new Australian Consumer Law in January 2011, it has become critical to your business's long term survival.  Companies that fail to do so will soon find themselves in the public spotlight for all the wrong reasons.  Often brands never recover from the public scorn associated with a serious breach - not to mention the substantial financial penalties these breaches will soon attract!

However there is an up side too! A sound knowledge of the new Australian Consumer Law coupled with a reliable and effective risk management system could yield significant commercial advantages to your business and is likely to have a very positive effect on its bottom line.

While you are getting on with business, your competitor set will be stumbling over repetitive product testing, recalls and certification issues; and of course dealing with the ever present prospect of bad publicity associated with getting it wrong.

To be confident that your company is across the issues and ahead of the game, enrol now in StanCert's product safety training courses.

nra logoStanCert and the National Retailers Association (NRA) have partnered to bring you this training.  The NRA represents thousands of Australian retail, fast food and service businesses of all sizes ranging from the smallest corner store to the largest retailing groups. 

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